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Wednesday...03 June 2020


 BG Hicks looks forward to sharing his understanding of Air Force Strategy and Strategic Planning efforts as it pertains to China's military ambitions in the Indo-Asia-Pacific

  This is a follow-on to our Chapter’s presentation on February 19, 2020 on China and the South China Sea.  Even amidst the severe public health, social, diplomatic and economic dislocations of the ongoing Global Pandemic, China continues apace to assert it’s hoped for dominance of the Asia-Pacific littoral.  PRC maritime and air forces are challenging EEZs and territorial claims of neighbors, aggressively maneuvering PLAN and PLAF formations in proximity to Taiwan, and conducting an aggressive propaganda campaign against the US and European Nations who criticize their behavior to shift the blame for the Pandemic's economic depredations. 


General Hicks has extensive operational experience in Southwest Asia, Far East Asia and Alaska as well as combat tours in Operations Southern Watch, Iraqi and Enduring Freedom.  He's a command pilot with over 3,800 flying hours, including over 500 combat hours, more than 3,600 of which are in the A-10. Prior to his current assignment, General Hicks was the Commanding General, Train, Advise, Assist Command-Air and Commander, 438th Air Expeditionary Wing, Kabul, Afghanistan. 

For more information his Military Career, please see

General Hicks is currently a  Bombardier Global 6000 Pilot for Gaughan Flying LLC in Las Vegas

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This event was an opportunity to understand the PRC's assertive policy and plan to establish the '9-Dash Line' in International Territory 



 A significant portion of the South China Sea has evolved into an increasingly contested area of overlapping and conflicting territorial claims that have created tension, and could evolve into an escalating conflict between the People's Republic of China (PRC), our allies and partners, and, potentially the US. 


Our Speaker, Tom McNamara, brings an operational level perspective on the Indo-Asia-Pacific security situation, based on more than 13 years of combined service as a Senior Intelligence Officer for US Pacific Command and it’s Army Component. 

Tom addressed the evolution of the implementation of the PRC’s plan to illegally claim much of the South China Sea in order to dominate critical sea lanes, to control the resources including fish and oil, and to create an extended buffer zone between the PRC and the US and its partners and allies.  

Tom's insights are based upon his service as the Civilian Deputy Director of Intelligence (Deputy J2), US Pacific Command from 2005-2014, as the Military Director of Intelligence (G2), US Army Pacific from 1998-2001, and as civilian Deputy Director for Intelligence (Deputy G2), US Army Pacific from 2003-2004.

Additionally, Tom has served as Director, Defense Intelligence Agency’s (DIA) Afghanistan-Pakistan Task Force from April 2014 through February 2016; and he also deployed as the Chief,  Defense (DIA) Forward Element-Afghanistan (Kabul, Afghanistan) during 2012.   

Tom also served as an Army Officer (1971-2001), and he possesses a Master of Arts degree in Political Science.  

Tom is a graduate of the Army’s Command and Staff College & War College, Naval Post Graduate Executive Business Course, DOD SES APEX  Course, and the Naval Flag Officer & SES Orientation and Training  Seminar.  

He is currently a consultant on National Security issues residing in Las Vegas, NV.

Upcoming Event -- Still Working Details to keep it Unclass

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Although the Electronic Warfare/Electronic Attack realm is heavily Classified (as you can imagine), there are a number of very interesting Unclassified facts that can be discussed with those who attend this very special NDIA event.

As soon as we have a date and location for the event (it will likely be held on Nellis AFB), that information will be posted here on this website. 

Here's a little advance reading on the subject:

Past Event



With over 2000 Military separations occurring from Nellis and Creech per year, a great deal of trained and certified talent leaves Las Vegas upon their Military separation.  AFWERX, Vets in Tech and your local NDIA Chapter is dedicated to building the Technical and Industrial Base in Las Vegas to keep that talent from locating elsewhere.  

At this workshop event we discussed how VIT, NDIA and AFWERX is your Entrepreneurial funnel into providing goods and services for the Military, and and assist those who want to actually start their own companies here to benefit our local technical industrial base. 

With over 25,000 square feet of collaboration and prototyping space, AFWERX-Vegas offers a  capability unmatched anywhere else in the United States to help Veterans define and implement their post-Military life/career goals.  We warmly welcome you to attend this special event and learn how VIT, NDIA and AFWERX can be your special Entrepreneurial partner. 

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This recent event focused on how the Military and Nevada can greatly benefit from the current revolution in Nuclear Power and its associated systems

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     NDIA welcomed VetsInTech at the Las Vegas Chapter Kickoff   


Veterans and Military of all experience levels attended, and met other Veterans in various stages of their careers

We at NDIA were thrilled to co-host the launch of the new VetsinTech Chapter in Las Vegas, held at the Lovelady Brewing in Henderson.   

VetsInTech's goal is to bring together Veterans, Active-Duty Military, Reserves, and supporters of Veterans that are currently in the IT field or looking to  transition from the Military into the Civilian world.

The VetsinTech Las Vegas Chapter will offer employment and educational resources to Veterans such as workshops, online courses and more to help make transitioning as smooth as possible.  We will also have some of the best Veteran IT folks in the Las Vegas area speaking at events about their journey from the Military to the Civilian world, tech talks, and leadership advice.

What:  The VetsinTech Las Vegas Chapter Official Launch was:

When: 10/29/2019 from 6 PM - 8:00 PM

Where:  Lovelady Brewing, 20 S.  Water St, Henderson, NV 89015

Who Attended:  Military, Veterans and Mil/Vet Spouses of all experience levels, in addition to Civic/Business Leadership.

If you have specific questions about the Education Program, reach out to the Chapter Development Manager, Abdul at


Previous Event -- 20 Sept 2019 at AFWERX



This event familiarized attendees with the layered components required to achieve the Effects-Based Cyber Enterprise, and helped all understand how their business interests may be helpful to the mission.

Cyberspace is:  a Warfighting Domain of Operations, where Cyber Operators generate effects differently than the ways we generate effects in Air, Space, Land and Sea.

In the traditional domains, absolutes can be articulated that reflect unchanging characteristics of that domain (mass, acceleration, inertia).  In the Cyber Domain all attributes are subject to change (ports, protocols, medium, etc.) and the greatest advantage is given to the combatant that can best manipulate the fabric and/or undiscovered or temporal behavior of this domain to achieve their ends.

Cyberspace is a human-made domain driven by the private industry;  a Contested Domain where we must continuously develop new capabilities to maintain our freedom of maneuver, to ensure mission assurance and operate in a degraded or operationally-limited environment. 

It is also a  complex domain, compounded by the fast pace of technological change and the need to integrate Command and Control with Cyberspace Operations  across all domains.

Previous Event

August 15, 2019


Professor Bashir  is presently the Director of the International Office and a visiting  Professor of Law and Global affairs at Dixie State University, St.  George, UT.   He's a member of the International Association of  Artificial Intelligence and Law, and has taught interdisciplinary  courses and created workshops on Laws, Conflicts and Global Societies.  

On August 15th 2019, Dr. Bashir integrated the following themes into the context of his presentation, and described how they relate to future AI & Autonomous Weapons employment:

--The contemporary battlefield and theaters of war

--Wars and weapons of the future (cocktail conflicts)

--The role of the combatant (lawful and unlawful)

--Laws of armed conflict 

--Multiverse and lifeforms 

--Law, Policy and decision making 

--To kill or not to kill ?

--After the death and destruction (post conflict scenario) 

Previous Event

April 25th, 2019



     MDC2 is the future of interoperable Command  & Control between all worldwide allied assets  
    ... a significant problem to solve!  This 'global briefing' was given at our event by a key Nellis leader who plays a significant role in this project.  The audience consisted of many folks who understand first-hand from their Military experience how important this capability is.  

Previous EVENT

Feb 27, 2019



We met the Director of the VIRTUAL TEST & TRAINING CENTER (VTTC), and received a FANTASTIC Unclassified Briefing about the future of the VTTC.   The VTTC will be an unparalleled capability for the Air Force…right here in the Las Vegas area!  

Here's the official Website for the U.S. Air Force Warfare Center at Nellis, of which the VTTC will be a part: 

This event took place 1500-1700 on 27 Feb, and was held in the 549 CTS auditorium (across the street from Freedom Park).


Past Events

WEPTAC -- JAN 16 & 17, 2019



-- At this show we discussed concepts for the proposed Creech pilot project to demonstrate use of a Small-Self Contained Nuclear Power Reactor to meet all their electrical needs (see information about the event we had on 15 Nov)

The WEPTAC (Weapons and Tactics Conference) is an independent  Industry Trade show open to all Defense Industry personnel & organizations, including Small Businesses who want to discuss or showcase their existing/future technologies & capabilities.  Register early for WEPTAC 2020, or consider attending to just walk the exhibits and exchange ideas with attendees. 

This show also presents an opportunity for members of the Defense Industry to meet with Warfighters who currently use, or potentially will use their products.   Attendees are also able to obtain direct feedback from the actual Warfighters on what they like and don't like about existing product technology, and hear about products they would like to see in the future.  

PAST EVENTS, Continued

Nov 15, 2018 Nuclear Energy for Military Use


NevadansCAN Chairman and Energy Security Action Committee Leader, USAF Retired Colonel Bob Frank overviewed the possible path forward to establish Nevada as the National Engineering & Test Center for Carbon Free Power, with direct applicability to Military operations.   An immediate application would would be for a small, self contained Nuclear Reactor to 24/7/365 power Creech's unique, global, active war-fighting mission independently from the Civilian Grid.

Included was also a discussion about work in progress to establish a national nuclear fuel recycling and Nuclear Reactor manufacturing center, locally in Nevada.  

Be sure to view photos from the event at:


Oct 11, 2018 SBIR Workshop

Sept 7, 2018 Visit to Creech AFB

Sept 7, 2018 Visit to Creech AFB



Building upon the Aug 23rd event, Joey Arora from AFWERX DC gave us a terrific overview of the newly applied AFWERX interface to the SBIR Process.  Per Joey's reference, take a look at for details.
 After the formal briefing concluded, Mr. Bob Cunningham and AFWERX Board Member fielded questions from the group, and facilitated a terrific synergy between all participants that continued on for a couple of hours.  Many great new Business relationships resulted from the dynamic ensuing conversations.

Sept 7, 2018 Visit to Creech AFB

Sept 7, 2018 Visit to Creech AFB

Sept 7, 2018 Visit to Creech AFB



This was the follow-on to our extremely successful Military Dual Use Briefing of August 23rd held at AFWERX.
Armed  with the knowledge from that prior event, attendees had the first-hand background to understand what  they do at Creech AFB, meet the Leadership, learn what products &  services Creech is in search of, learn the "RPA Roadmap", and  understand their unclassified operational issues.
   Visit: to see photos from this event.

August 23, 2018 Dual Use Forum

Sept 7, 2018 Visit to Creech AFB

August 23, 2018 Dual Use Forum



Attendees learned how to do business with the Military.  This all-inclusive event covered the pertinent topics that open the door to understanding the who, what, when and where of contracting with the Military.  This event was also the "Classroom", followed by the Sept 7th event at Creech where attendees met with the Air Force leadership.
Visit: to see photos/video from this event, along with a documentation of all tools provided.